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Please contact call center
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  • Chargeable weight is calculated base on either the actual weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is higher.
  • Volumetric Weight (Kg) = Length x Width x Height (cm)/ 5000
  • The price shown in the table does not include import duties and taxes or other extra surcharges (if any).

Export Services: International Door-to-Door Delivery Service

Send Shipment Worldwide

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Export Services: International Door-to-Door Delivery Service

DPX provides worldwide door-to-door air express delivery service for both document and parcels to more than 1,000 destinations covering every country worldwide. We send our shipments via the global leading service providers such as DHL, TNT, and TOLL GLOBAL EXPRESS. You can be rest assured with our speed and reliability. You can track your shipment status from our website – We provide 2 options for your choice of worldwide delivery – 1) Global Express Service; and 2) Global Economy Service.

การส่งแบบเร่งด่วน Global Express Service การส่งแบบปกติราคาประหยัด Global Economy Service
ระยะเวลาการนำส่ง Transit time 1-5 วันทำการ

5-21 วันทำการ

การติดตามการจัดส่ง Shipment tracking ติดตามสถานะการส่งผ่าน website ติดตามสถานะการส่งผ่าน call center 02-278-2900
การประกันการจัดส่ง Insurance 100 USD / Shipment 20 USD / Shipment
เอกสารประกอบการส่งพัสดุ Require Document Air Waybill 1 ชุด (ตัวอย่าง) Commercial Invoice 4 ชุด (ตัวอย่าง) Air Waybill 1 ชุด (ตัวอย่าง) Commercial Invoice 4 ชุด (ตัวอย่าง)
บริการรับสินค้าถึงที่ Pick up service บริการรับนัดรับเอกสารหรือพัสดุฟรีถึงที่


Service Process

  1. Put your shipment either document or parcel in an appropriate packaging (see Packing Instruction here)Then weigh the shipment and measure its dimension (length x width x height) in cm.
  2. For parcel shipment, please prepare 4 copies of your commercial invoice specifying the details of your shipment including content description and actual value. This info. will be declared to the customs at the destination country for the purpose of customs clearance. (Download Sample Commercial Invoice here)
  3. Fill in the Airway Bill (AWB) to provide info. on sender, receiver, address, contact telephone no., and other related details to ensure correct and smooth delivery. (See AWB/ Con. Note Preparation here)
  4. Call DPX Call Center at Tel. 02 2782900 to arrange the pickup.


  1. If you are not sure whether your shipment is considered Prohibited or Restricted Items or not, please click here for checking or call our Customer Service at Tel. 02 2782900
  2. If your shipment has a large size but light weight, please click here to calculate the volumetric weight of your shipment.