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DHL, TNT, Toll Global Express and DPEX Worldwide


Worldwide Door-to-Door Courier, Shipping, Express Delivery Services – Export, Import, Domestic, and Fulfillment Service for E-Commerce Business

Established in 1988, Document Parcel Express Co., Ltd. (DPX) is a trustworthy service provider in express and logistics service. We have expertise in worldwide air express (courier) for export & import, customs clearance, fulfillment center for e-commerce business, and next-day domestic delivery in Thailand. For international shipments, we send our shipments via the global leading service providers such as DHL, TNT, Toll Global Express and DPEX Worldwide. You can be rest assured with our speed and reliability.

DPX has an Express Customs Brokerage License with AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) No. THCB560011. Our Operation Quality is certified by ISO 9001.


Track & Trace
You can track multiple consignments by pressing “Space Bar” or “Enter” between the tracking No.



Export Services: Send Shipment Worldwide


Worldwide Door to Door Air Express, Courier and Shipping services via the leading global service providers such as DHL, TNT, Toll Global Express and DPEX Worldwide


Import and Customs Clearance Service


Import shipments from abroad to Thailand by air. With our Express License, DPX provides express customs clearance for importers in Thailand. Coverage area for DPX Import Service includes China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and South Africa.


Fulfillment Service for E-Commerce Business


For E-Commerce Customers who sell products through website, facebook, or other online channels – DPX Fulfillment Service can serve your needs in providing: warehousing, stock controlling, picking & packing as per your sales order, and delivering to door to your end customers either through DPX network or through Thailand Post as per your selection.